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Life Skills

We organize and facilitate career development workshops for individuals. We source for the best human resource personnel to provide life-changing skills training and mentorship to the community we serve.

Community Development

Our multidisciplinary team members provide workshops, presentations, and forums to community groups and agencies on issues affecting the health of individuals from our priority groups including nutrition, diabetes, stress reduction, mental health, and HIV/AIDS. 



Mental Health Awareness

We offer individual counseling and group therapy that focuses on strengths,  capabilities, and resources and acknowledges experiences of oppression based on race,  class, gender, sexual orientation/identities (disability, age, and spiritual or religious affiliation. We seek to support individuals to implement changes in their social and physical environment, develop a robust social support system, form constructive relationships with others, and gain more control over their own lives.  

HIV/AIDS Sensitization

Our multidisciplinary holistic approach to HIV/AIDS links education, prevention, treatment, supportive care, and advocacy to policy and research as a continuum framed  with the determinants of health. Our services include the many factors contributing to risk ranging from individual behaviors to community and systemic issues.  We provide HIV prevention, awareness education, health promotion, and skills development. 

Breaking the silence ON HIV/ AIDS STIGMA 2023

Primary Health Care (PHC) Program

Primary health care is essential and made universally accessible to individuals  and families in the community by means acceptable to them, through their full participation, and at a cost that the community and country can afford. It involves managing health care concerns within the broader social determinants of health. Our team ensures clients get the best care possible. We customize our programs and  services to meet the clients’ individual needs. In our service provision, we attempt to provide all available information, education, and support to allow individuals to make informed choices regarding all aspects of their health and health care and to promote health and well-being. 



Breaking the silence ON HIV/ AIDS STIGMA

Community Health Promotion

We work together to develop and deliver multidisciplinary programs designed to improve the individual and community health of the people who access our services. We recognize that without healthy individuals, we cannot have healthy communities. As ongoing advocates for inclusive and responsive strategies that address the needs of people from our priority populations, we engage in outreach, community-based activities, and research which engage individuals in achieving change in conditions that adversely affect our health. 

Access to Food

In partnership with Dominion Church International Toronto and health first organic  centers, we offer short-term relief to individuals with limited food access and availability through our food program called The YOLO Food Share. We also distribute recipes and information about culturally appropriate healthy eating. As an ongoing activity strategy, we raise awareness of food security issues and their impact on community health. 

Food Share Program with Refugees

African Center for Refugees conference

Refugee Supports Toronto

In Toronto, hundreds of refugees and migrants seeking asylum were being left to sleep on the streets because of a lack of shelter capacity and funding. They’re being given no aid. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of these asylum seekers are Black or African. The Yolo Foundation in liaison with Community Church Dominion Church International Toronto Continues to provide temporary shelter to these refugee claimants. To date, we have provided on a makeshift basis over 80 refugee claimants shelter for a maximum of 3 weeks to each group of 10 people housed at our downtown home location. During their stay, we provide them with food, requirements of daily support, case management and connection to resources within Toronto. You can Support the Refugee Crisis Initiative by Donating

Other Programs

We offer immigration-related resources to individuals who are looking to settle. Canada  is a diverse society with a lot of potential that individuals need to be guided on what are the best choices to make. 

LGBTQ Advocacy Parade